Sunday, April 1, 2012

Catching Up

Happy April! I feel so guilty for going so long between posts. So, I decided to just write something. I figure I'd catch up with you all before doing a "real" post on a "real" subject.

I don't know what the source of my post procrastination is, since I have a few things I'd love to write about. I want to write about how spring is the liver season in Traditional Chinese Medicine and how to work with that. I want to write about how awesome qigong is (and what it is, for the unfamiliar). I want to write about cold thermogenesis and my adventures with it. For now, I'll just catch you all up.

This spring has been unusually warm here in Nashville. My vegetables are starting to grow and, due to a very warm winter, some of them (kale, lettuce, chard and parsnips) never stopped growing. I added some cherry trees and raspberry bushes to the garden and some potted strawberries to the front porch, where they stand a chance against rabbits and birds (unlike last year). Now, to figure out how to keep the birds from eating all my blueberries...

We had a crazy hail storm awhile back and it turns out that my roof is totaled, so I'm getting a whole new roof, completely paid for by my insurance. I'm really excited to replace the old, lame roof shingles!

This is after the hail had melted a bit!

Lately, I've been developing natural perfumes and colognes I hope to eventually sell. It's been nice being in my perfume studio, working on a regular basis. I love working with scent. It's challenging and fascinating. I've also been developing and creating the aromatic component of a product that I can't yet disclose as it's still in development...

A community acupuncture clinic opened up nearby, so I've been taking advantage of inexpensive acupuncture (yay!) I always leave it feeling so good. It's become part of my regimen of hormone and endocrine balancing, along with the Leptin Rx and cold thermogeneis. My hormones are recalibrating and my inflammation is way down. I've also had some good body composition shifts. This is good stuff and I'll go into more details in a proper post.

I've decided that April is workout month for me. I hadn't been working out on a regular basis due to some adrenal fatigue, which was due to lingering viral/bacterial stuff from a nasty adenovirus last November. It's amazing how a pathogen can decimate your adrenals! Now that I'm ok again, it feels like the right time to hit the kettlebells and isometrics again. The cold thermogenesis is doing wonders for my muscle power and recovery, so that makes working out even more rewarding (not to mention less painful!) It seems like my muscle is developing faster, too.

So, good things are going on. Progress is being made. I'll write again soon!


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