Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Exciting Changes and New Horizons!

What a great autumn it's been! I've been enjoying the gorgeous, clear weather and bright colors here Nashville. Now that I have more energy since I started working on my adrenal health, I've been outside walking and hiking a lot, including up in the Blue Ridge Mountains during a trip to Asheville, NC a few weekends ago (that's where I took the above picture). Asheville is the easiest place to find gluten-free/organic/local/Primal/Paleo food. I had a ball eating out! The highlight was Zambra, where hubby, friend and I stuffed our faces with wonderful tapas. I returned from Asheville feeling renewed and inspired.

I don't usually blog about my personal life, but I have something exciting to announce. After two and a half years, as of this week I am no longer a neurofeedback technician. I am transitioning into a full-time perfumer/aromatics consultant! I'll be working from home and I'm already working on several projects that I've been commissioned to do. I plan on developing retail products in the future and I will definitely let you know when that happens.

It's quite a change, going from pasting EEG electrodes to client's scalps, sitting in front of a computer, running neurofeedback brain-training programs and looking at brainwave graphs, to sitting at home, surrounded by perfume materials. It was a great experience working with people's brainwaves for the last few years but I'm ready for a change.

A number of years ago, I became interested in perfume making. I have a very sensitive nose and it occurred to me to take advantage my olfactory prowess and so I studied natural classical perfumery. I mostly stuck to making perfumes for myself and sometimes for others, but I've wanted to utilize these skills professionally. As a long-time frustrated creative type, I'm really enthused to be doing something creative and right-brained and not health/wellness related for a living (this blog fulfills that need;-)

I'm already taking advantage of my new found routine by getting outside more, walking a lot more (several times/day) and doing longer qigong sessions. It's also nice to be able to listen to music while I work. It really feels like a whole new life is beginning!

I'll be doing a proper post soon. I promise.



  1. Dearest Erin!

    I am so happy for you! Hubby and I love Asheville! I hope to one day soon find my passion in life also! Congrats! Hugs!

  2. Awww! Thanks, Pam! I'm so excited! I feel like a late bloomer, at age 34, but better late than never!

  3. I LOVE Asheville, my dad lives near there but I don't get to go as often as I'd like. I love those mountains!

  4. If you are making perfume I would love to buy some! That's pretty cool, definitely something I hope to get into when I get older as a career option...