Sunday, April 3, 2011

Trout with Bacon Green Beans and Cauliflower "Mashed Potatoes"

Here's a little something I made the other night. It was easy but I felt like a chef after I had plated it. That's a fun feeling;) It was a big hit with my husband and the picture I posted on PIP's Facebook page sure generated a lot of comments, so I thought I'd better share the recipe. I cooked most of it in my big cast iron pan, so there wasn't much cleanup. Score!

trout fillets with skins (descaled)
green beans
sour cream (optional)
garlic granules (not powder)

For the green beans/bacon (steam cauliflower until tender at the same time):
I cooked the bacon and green beans simultaneously in the same pan. I think haricots are especially fun to use (and they cook faster). Cook green beans until a little crispy and sprinkle them with a bit of garlic granules before they finish cooking. Chop the cooked bacon. Set aside.

For the trout:
Sprinkle the trout with salt, pepper and a little garlic granules. Smoked paprika would be good, too. Fry in the bacon grease until cooked and edges are crisped.

For the cauliflower:
While trout is cooking, put steamed cauliflower in a food processor or high speed blender, add just a little drizzle of cream and a dollop of sour cream (Wallaby Organics is heavenly and has no fillers). Don't add too much liquid. Blend until thick and creamy. Add salt to taste.

Put some cauliflower "mashed potatoes" on plate, place trout on it and top with a stack of green beans and a sprinkle of bacon.

This recipe would also work nicely with salmon or mild white fish.



  1. Erin,
    Nice simple recipe. My wife and I make mashed cauliflower all the time, usually with heavy cream, butter, and some pepper.

  2. Thanks, Greg! I'd like to come up with a shepard's pie using cauliflower "mashed potatoes". They're so versatile.